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Friend of the month – Zeke

This Month Dillon Visited Melbourne, Australia. Here’s what life’s like there. Written by Zeke, aged 8.

“It’s very fun in Australia! When it’s Christmas it is boiling!!! It’s because the seasons are opposite from the Northern Hemisphere over here in Australia. Now lets move on to the fun stuff, shall we? At school we barely get homework (HOORAY!). We also have more skate parks so I can ride my bike a lot! I like the fact that we have a good home. Dillon’s having great fun too! And now I have a car and a gigantic backyard. It is big, really big, super-dooper big!!! This is my kind of element over here! You should visit Australia some time. You might know that we live in Melbourne, and not only is it amazing, it is also the only place in Australia that has trams!!! Cool, right?

The weather over here right now is forty something degrees!!! It’s going to get a bit colder in a few days. For Christmas it was boiling too, perfect beach weather! I totally love cricket. Right now the Aussies are versus England. Guess who’s winning? The Aussies are winning by a bunch! The match is epic! I went to Luna park one time and it is superb, so many rides like the silly serpent, which we rode about five or six times. Like I said “Perfect beach weather.” I wish I was at the beach now. The water on the beach is freezing for the fact that we’re down under Australia so we’re swimming in the Antarctic ocean. The sand is really nice. We also can go to the swimming pool which is really cool for a refreshment. The transport over here is quite good also. Most people have their own car, others take trains, trams and taxis. School’s super-dooper fun by a bunch.”


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